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  Auction XL offers many features in an auction software package. If you would like to bill your clients monthly for their accumulated fees, XL is the right choice for your auction software. "Name Your Price" offers is just one of the newly added features. Check the features list below to see the numerous features included.
  Server Requirements - Be sure your server meets the minimum requirements.
  Auction Features- Full Feature List >>> Administration Features

DEMO >>>    Auction Site    ADMIN DEMO  >>>    Administration Back-end

  Purchase Information - Buy your licensed copy now.
Auction XL has many features included making it a robust auction software package that offers complete user interaction and admin control. Under the Apache/PHP/Linux environment Auction XL software will perform with stability and precision. Auction XL software uses MySQL as the database back-end for fast performance.

Display # of Users & Auctions
Display Current Time
Browseable Categories (with Featured Gallery & Sort)
User Help Sections
Advanced Search (including state & zip code)
Currency Converter
Customizable Header, Footer, & Templates

New User Registration with User Defined Usernames
MD5 Hash Encrypted Passwords
Must confirm Registration by E-mail
New Password via E-mail
User login/logout

Spotlight Items
Featured Items
Category Featured Items
High-Lighted & Bold Listings
News Section
Display Last Posted Auctions
Display Highest Bids
Display Auctions Ending
Site Map
Built in Community Forums
Home Page Scroller
True Thumbnailing
User Set E-mail Preferences
Bid Sniping Protection

User Control Panel
HTML Item Descriptions
Extended Shipping Options
Pre-populated Drop Down Category Select for Sellers

Auto-fill Seller's Preferences on Sell Page
Buy now Image to flag Items Buy it Now

Name Your Price Auctions Name Your Price Auctions

Ability to Upload Photo & Seller Photo Gallery
Reserve Price/Minimum Bid
Custom Bid Increments
Standard & Dutch Auctions
Featured Items, & Gallery Listings

Seller's Blocked Bidders list

Private Auctions
Winner's Contact List
Pos/Neutral/Neg Ratings Feedback System
Proxy Bidding
View Bid History

Auction Page Counter
Gallery Items (images will appear in the browse pages)

View/Sort Active, Closed, Sold & Suspended Auctions
Edit Active & Closed Auctions

Copy Active & Closed Auctions
Auto Re-submit Auctions
Bulk Upload Multiple Auctions

Ability to Close Items Early
Send Auction to a Friend
Post Questions to Seller
Seller's Contact List
Item Watch
Auction Watch (Keyword(s) match new listings)

E-mail Notification when No Longer the High Bidder

Easy User Installation

Password Protected Admin
User Defined Meta Tags
Edit Site Name, Address, & Admin e-mail
Edit Fonts, Header,Border & Tables Colors
Choose two or three Column Layout
Set site width and alignment
Admin Users Management
Custom Banners Program
Statistics Info Panel, including Featured Options Purchased
Transactions Information Panel
Turn on/off Buy now & Name Your Price Options
Configure Categories(unlimited sub-categories)
Configure Countries
Configure Seller Accepted Pay Methods
Set Auction Durations
Configure Bid Increments
Set Bid Sniper Preferences
User Management with Export to Excel™ Ability
Auction Management with Export to Excel™ & Sort Ability
Edit Feedbacks
Edit Posted Questions
Add reason for suspensions

Add/edit/delete Help Topics
Add/edit/delete News
Add/delete Newsletter
Send News Letter

Custom Error Handling
Custom Currency Format
Custom Time Format
Custom About US & Terms pages
Batch Procedures Settings
Counters Re-Sync Utility
Search Users by Name, E-mail, Username etc.
Access Statistics (by IP, Browser, Referrer etc.)
Integrated with Paypal
User Invoice System
Ability to Add Credits to Users' Account
Range Based Fees
Ability to Charge Buyers Final Value Fee

Ability to Charge Sellers Setup Fee
Ability to Charge Sellers Final Value Fee

Ability to Charge Sign-up Fee
Set fee in Sellers' Gallery & # Images to allow
Ability to Charge for Spotlight Items Listings
Ability to Charge for Featured Items Listings
Ability to Charge for the Featured Gallery Listings
Ability to Charge for Bold & Highlighted Listings
Under Maintenance Option
Dirty Words Filter Option
Sign-up Bonus Option

Custom Fields in the "Sell an Item" & Item Pages
WAP Support
Home Page Scroller Administration
MegaList Ready


Requirements for Auction XL (without source)
Please note that the core PHP files have been encrypted.
Minimal server requirements are as follows:
- Linux OS
- Apache web server
- MySQL Database
- PHP 4.3 or later (see below) ALSO NOTE
XL CANNOT RUN IN SAFE MODE & needs register_globals set to on with no open_basedir restriction. Also dl() & allow_url_fopen must be enabled.

The following are the servers that XL can be executed under
*FreeBSD i386, PHP ver. 4.2.1 -
FreeBSD i386, PHP ver.4.3.9

*Linux i386, PHP ver. 4.3.0 - Linux i386, PHP ver. 4.3.9


The recommended web server is Apache web server.
MySQL being the most popular Open Source Database designed for speed, power and precision in mission critical, heavy load use was the obvious choice for Anserv software. MySQL is the only database for which Anserv offers support.
Anserv software also requires the ability to set up cron jobs (under *nix systems). This is needed to periodically run the script (cron.php) responsible for checking expired auctions, updating the database accordingly, and sending notification e-mails to sellers and buyers.
If you don't have access to cron, there are other possible solutions to run cron.php (see Tutorials section in the Manual). You may also set an option in admin to automatically have cron.php run from your index.php page.

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